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Via España and Calle 74 Este, Carrasquilla


Founded on March 1987 with a student body of twelve preschool students, Oxford International School begins operations during the difficult political and financial crises Panama faced.  The Panamanian educational system had deteriorated due to unsuccessful attempts to reform the education curriculum.

Our school is the concrete response the Gornell Valencia family undertook to fill this void. Henry Gornell Valencia and his staff take on the challenge of providing quality, bilingual education: our school’s mission.  Steadily, more Panamanian families became part of the OIS family, for they too believed that bilingual education is a key element of professional success in the globalized era.

In 1997, the first senior class graduates receiving a Bachelor of Science and Arts degree.  Frederic Gornell Valencia was then principal, and he instilled staff and students with a thirst of improvement, academic growth, and competitiveness.

In 2008, OIS becomes part of the Grupo Interamericano, directed by William and Pedro Salom, who vow to uphold the social responsibility and the quality standards of Oxford International School.