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Privacy and Terms of use
  • Oxford International School subsidiaries, employees, executive officers, directors or partners (hereinafter Oxford International School) will have no access to client’s credit card information nor keep the information provided. It is agreed that all electronic transactions made with the client’s credit cards shall be understood as made by the client and the client assumes  joint and several liability that the credit card used to make payments online Oxford International School, is related directly to him/ her or his/her company. Transactions made from our website are supported by the highest safety protocols (SSL Certificates). Links for online credit card payments are generated individually and will serve for transactions with the recipient. Said links expire fifteen (15) days from delivery.
  • The Client acknowledges that technology systems and equipment that allow the performance of bank transactions are vulnerable and subject to attack, interception or illegal and unauthorized manipulation (hacking) by third unauthorized parties for the purpose of illegally obtaining confidential data or information of Client, cloning credit cards and/or performing bank or commercial transactions. The Client agrees that Oxford International School is released from any responsibility for any damages that may suffer the Client or persons authorized by the Clients, in case of such risk. Therefore, Client undertakes full responsibility for any acts and operations resulting from such electronic transactions in accordance with this policy.
  • Claims arising directly or indirectly from transactions with a credit card shall be resolved directly with the credit card payment service provider.