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Registration For Siblings
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Friday 24 June 2016

Dear OIS and Millennium Kids Parents:

In July we will begin the process of enrollment for siblings of students wishing to enter school in the 2017 school year. As is known Oxford International School gives priority to the siblings of students currently attending our institution.

If you are interested in the admission of another of your children, we need to let you know by contacting the admissions section (send an email to admissions, so that they can send you the digital document that registers it in the siblings database The process is on the web. We have allocated the month of July until the 29th for their enrollment. You can bring the documents now. To this end, please contact the school admissions department, Jorge Jaén, at 308-7100 extension 7104, email jjaen@ois.edu.pa.

Beginning August 1, we will continue with waiting lists for general community students who do not have siblings at Oxford International School or Millennium Kids who are interested in entering school.

Thanks for your kind attention.