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Student Services Department
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Dear future parents:
  • The objective of the student services department is to maximize the learning potential of students taking into account their special educational needs, talents, and traits as well as families and environments.
  • The professionals who work in this department are qualified to carry out psycho-pedagogic evaluations and diagnoses, curricular adjustments, design and implement strategies of psycho-pedagogic support and intervention, and counsel parents, teachers, and staff.
  • School failure, learning impediments, family-school relation problems, raising minimum school age, all forms of violence, and other conditions require psycho-pedagogic aid.
Specialists of this department focus on these areas:
  • Prevention: Design strategies for students who are failing academically by enhancing social
  • Prevention: Design strategies for students who are failing academically by enhancing social aptitudes (study techniques; promotion of tolerance, understanding, and respect; conflict management; addiction; counsel to parent and guardians; etc.)
  • Pedagogy: Design and implement Individualized Education Programs and curriculum adjustments (access, relevant, non-relevant); assist in the continual improvement and assessment of all levels’ academic curriculum.
  • Intervention: Arbitration in emotional crises of students and/or teachers; family guidance; soothing in cases of mourning; bullying prevention and modification.
The Student Services Department offers the following services:
  • Tests (individual and/or group) to detect and identify low academic performance, possible learning disabilities, and psycho-affective disorders
  • Referral to external specialists for complete evaluation and/or treatment of needs and/or disabilities
  • Follow up and regular meetings with parents, teachers, coordinators, and specialists involved with students whose impediments have been detected or referred by external specialists
  • Academic counseling to all students who require it, including study guidance
  • Career counseling for high school students who request it
  • Psycho-pedagogic intervention for the adaptation of multicultural students from enrollment to full socio-educational integration.
  • Continual education for teachers concerning learning processes, class management, recognition and development of multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence, special attention to students with needs.
  • Assistance to staff to help improve human relationships and efficient team work